Draft Agenda for the P2PSIP BOF at IETF-67

Revised October 27, 2006

Proposed: IETF 67 San Diego Peer to Peer SIP (p2psip) BOF Agenda

MONDAY, November 6, 2006
1520-1720 Afternoon Session II
Grande Ballroom A       RAI     p2p-sip Peer to Peer Support for Session
Initiation Protocol BOF

Brian Rosen 
David Bryan 

RAI Director(s):
Jon Peterson jon.peterson@neustar.biz
Cullen Jennings fluffy@cisco.com

RAI Area Advisor:
Cullen Jennings fluffy@cisco.com

1. Agenda Bash - 5 min - Chairs

2. Concepts and Terminology - 30 min (including discussion) - Dean
Willis & Philip Matthews

3. Charter Discussion - 60 min - Chairs

4. Wrap Up - 5 min - chairs

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