Henry Sinnreich's Notes from IETF 63 Informal P2P SIP BOF

The BOF on P2P SIP at the 64 IETF in Paris was organized and chaired by Henning Schulzrinne and I am using the notes displayed by the chair during the meeting to provide some text around them. The original notes are at http://www.softarmor.com/sipping/meets/ietf63/slides/p2p-henning-sipping-ietf63.ppt

The meeting was very well attended and Cullen Jennings estimates the number of attendees was around 125.

(Henry's Note: Among the reasons for such impressive attendance may have contributed several facts, such as: P2P traffic dominates the Internet and the largest VoIP provider is Skype using P2P, though not SIP; see also http://linuxreviews.org/news/2004/11/05_p2p/ and http://www.cachelogic.com/p2p/p2ptraffic.php ).

Ongoing Efforts on P2P SIP

SIP DHT David Brian and Cullen Jennings reported on their work to use SIP for the Distributed Hash Tables (DHT). This work is also available online at http://www.p2psip.org/draft-bryan-sipping-p2p-01.html


Philip Matthews from NIMCAT Networks (http://nimcatnetworks.com/ ) shared the approach using multicast bindings and several layers to achieve P2P functionality. Henry's note: There are several P2P enterprise systems on the market, such as http://peerio.com/, http://www.aastra.com/enterpriseip/pro_228.asp and probably other as well.

Home Networks

Eunsoo Shim from Panasonic reported on research targeted on discovery and communications between consumer home network devices that support video and other types of multimedia.

IMS-like functionality

Marc Bailey from France Telecom shared information on research on P2P SIP targeted on IMS-like carrier services in a distributed environment. Similar work seems to be ongoing at Vodaphone.

Taxonomy for P2P SIP

There was a discussion on the need to publish a taxonomy for terms used in P2P SIP.

Where Next?

Several speakers mentioned related efforts, such as in IETF RG on P2P, See http://www.irtf.org/charter.php?gtype=rg&group=p2prg, but the comments made were that P2P SIP cannot wait for the research work in P2PRG and real time communications may have different requirements.

Applications of P2P SIP

An astonishing wide range of applications was mentioned for P2P SIP, such as:

Problems and Challenges for P2P SIP

The technical challenges for P2P SIP seem to match the opportunities


David Bryan and several contributors are maintaining the web site with information on P2P SIP. See http://www.p2psip.org

I would also like to point to some of the impressive work at Columbia University:

What's Next?

Thanks, Henry

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